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"In The Maze"

Hello, my friends!

After a long time of silence, almost three years, in that matter of the Blog, I back to tell you who my life completely change in those 3 years...

First and the most important is that I found the one that completes me, my wife Iina - my only true love.

After I was on tour in 2015 in Finland, a Finnish festival invites me to perform and on the way it will be film to a Scandinavian TV channel - Alfa TV.

After I finished there, I was invited to a little gig in Rovaniemi, Lapland. At this time, my future wife was there at the crowd. Two months and two weeks after that, she crosses the ocean to visit me in Israel, and from that visit, we are unsupportable. We fly during one year back and for to Israel and Finland till we decided that it's enough of this kind of rollercoaster and we are getting married. In the same year, 2017 little bit before the wedding I published my four-album " In The Maze" is included 11 tracks and the first single was "Guide Me."

Later on, my second single from that album published at the beginning of 2018 - "If I Ever Find Love Again."

In this days I'm collecting new songs for the new album that I'm going to make with my wife — completely different style.

It will take some time until it will publish. or not?!

I wish you the best summer,


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