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Summary of 2015- and looking forward to 2016

I start and say that 2015 was one of my best years in the music Industry and that's of course, hurled on my private life.

Eight shows in Finland, five shows in Israel, one show in Estonia and one show in Sweden.

My music started to sell on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, google play and much more…

I recorded my third album, released 2 animation video clip, we shooting a professional live show video, I was on the cover of a newspaper, I was a guest and play in number of radio stations in Israel, was an important playlist Radio in Costa Rica, written about me in quite a few blogs from around the world, I have composed songs from the New Testament to duo musicians, rare people from Finland, Briefly ... productive year, plus I was on holiday in Lapland also, of course, I took the key boards with me.

I do not want to be greedy and ask for more in 2016, but in January planned four new projects: 3 New Videos clip will be filmed and a new song in Hebrew "true prophet" release to radio and all the media in Israel on 03/01/2016, after an interruption of nine years, that I'm not released a song in Hebrew.

You getting tired from me? … Me to

Wish you a successful year, full of activity, productive and most importantly keep on your physical and mental health

Stay tuned


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