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coming soon- "Month"

"Month" – This is the name of my new album, which is going to be released in the upcoming months. The meaning of the name "Month" is we started to record the album in the 18.10.15, and we go to finish on 18.11.15, another purpose is, that I'm going to release every month a new single, totally 13 months, which means 13 new songs, of course, you will have the opportunity to buy the album before that and listen to the full album. Next week on 5.11.15 the first single "Master of my life" is going to be released:

"Go back to your silly life

Don't take me in there

You're coming to get me

You're chasing after me

They're after me

Day after day

They're after me

Day after day"

See you next week


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