Ace is a Singer - Songwriter who is singing in Hebrew & English.
The debut in Hebrew "New Person" released at 2007 when Ace was 23 years old.
The second album by Ace "Shot Me Through With Sanity" was published at 2012 but this time in english.

The third album "Month" was published at 2016 . If you asked yourself why the name of the album is called Month, it's the exeeded time that took "the Crew" (Yogev Samina, Yossi Hazan & Nir Blum) and Ace to make this album.

The 4 album by Ace "In The Maze" was published at 2017 when the life of his was getting a new direction.

All the album's are  Autobiograpic. If you listen carefully, you will get to know all the history of the life of Ace.